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13 Jun 2013

Seeing to the Sea...

this morning before I awoke I had a dream Very vivid. I thought I was awake,

I was walking along the road that goes from the Corner of St William's Convent on Jackson Ave for about 300 meters. (SW was my parish school and Church in Seaford NY when I was in 2nd to 8th grade) . I was at the far end of that street where you would just cross and be going into Davis Field shortcut back to my home  on Alan Drive near Wantaugh Border (age 4 -15).

( I wrote all about that shortcut here: See about halfway down on page to Crossing Davis field: )

But somehow my view was not at street level. though it seemed I (my body) was. It was as if some how at that entrance to Davis Field was at a higher elevation  and sloped toward the Ocean which is about 6 miles away. And I was just totaly amazed at the beauty of the view.

Such clear day, It matched or exceeded any thing I had ever seen in any of the beautiful spots around the world wher I had visited and admired the hills, mountains, forests and seashore. I was not ten years old but in my 67th year , yet had the appreciation of a ten year old to see the land by Davis field go all the way to the ocean with the inlets and marshes and Pine trees that do go all the miles to the beach. but without the distraction of  the houses that are there....Some how I was seeing beyond the first few miles of inhabited area. I was like when I have been in other countires and  would hike out of  a village and go up a hill top near an ocean and  have a wonderful view  of the area of all the way leading to the seashore..OR even here in california or other states alonng therir coastlines ....

And then I was ovewrwhelmed with gratitude to have been able to call this peice of land on the earth as my home.. the tears came as I was feeling my good fortune but more importantly for being able tos "see" the land in this way..

And when I awoke and it stil didn't feel like the dream experience. It seemed more like seeing something that was no longer visible to my eyes...Like I jist returned to Queens,NY from a longer trip to another country but on awakenng the first few days suprised to fine my self back home.

Then I realized that I really was fortunate to be raised in a location that gave me the experience of the cold in the witnter. Wet in Spring and Hot in the summer with all the experiences in between...something was taken in through all those days of changing weather...amd trips to the beach at anytime of year, even when visiting during breaks from college .

I had sensed some of the beauty of teh shore in those days - especially when rain was comming in. But the dream elevation and experience from some miles away - of being able to see so clearly was a bit like when a friend(LS) took me up in a small plane after he had received his pilot license during high school. I remember we could see the coast line for miles as we flew out along the beach. But some how this vision was comming from inland and looking out with a panorama view in direction that would stretch oute toward what would be the Brooklyn shore. I could see or sense the bay type of landmas, sometimes only covered by a few feet of water leading toward the sea with some sand bars of small islands - in way that I don't recall ever thinking (or knowing - feeling) so comprehensively very often about it before...

And the beauty of the dream-view  was / is real.


note abbreviation: NMW = Nana Mom Wanda

add more of story from 04 July 2009

Picnick and watching games of pictionary etc. at July forth celebration outside of Aspiration Ground in Jamaica Hills NY

After eating and long chats, Some one asks if mom is tired and she says yes, so others think she may want to go back to her residence at skilled nursing facility amd she agerees. I thought to myself maybe she is just saying what she thinks is expected - but go along with the request to head back - the event is almost over any way.

Then we get back to her building and floor and she says " why did you make me leave and come back here". I say but you said you wanted to come back. and her response is : "why did you listen to me, you know when I' m lying"  Hmmmm


25 August 2007 (thik this was 2009) was Self-Transcendence 26 mile marathon at Rockland State Park.

I was hoping to finish under the 7 hour cut off since my running hadn't been great the last month - , In training I had done one 19 mile run in 5 hours, so that seemed to be quite possible to finish. Then my next goal was to come a close as possible to doing better than my previous worst time for the Marathon which was few years a go on the same course ( 5 hrs and 15 minutes).

Well, I did do WORSE thant my previous Worst time. So you could say I broke my worst time record :-> on the good side I know have a worse worst time to do better than in future year.

And a friend pointed out - the 5 hrs and 51 minute finishing time is my best time for my current age. :-)

finish photo proof is here:


Walking behind Nanna Mom Wanda, pushing the wheel chair she wants to know if I am still there and then since I am, she wants to know "how are you doing?"
Later, sitting together as she drinks her ensure nutrition "shake" in the Garden of the skilled nursing facility where NMW resides, she abruptly asks me what I am doing. I start to answer what I was thinking about a few minutes ago and she gives me look as if she doesn't believe me. I decide to tell her the actual truth from the very moment  she was asking. I say I was trying to invoke light again where I imagine light in the center of my chest or heart. NMW says "why imagine it - just do it". I say yes it is becoming more and more easy to do that lately, but it started with imagination. Now I say I can sometimes feel the light growing to about a foot around my head as comes from the heart center or about the same distance around my whole body sometimes. But I can't seem to make it grow much more, I add that feeling the light it is easier if I have already been meditating for awhile - but when I go outside it can go away too quickly. It is so hard to maintain the awareness as I begin to do or think of something else. NMW says "yes, it is like that". We talk some about obtaining, maintaining and spreading light.
We also discuss that when I was young and having pains in my stomach once she taught me deep breathing, which she had learned to control pain when she was carrying some of her nine children. Because of this early knowledge I had found the beginning breathing exercises in some yoga or meditation classes quite natural. She agrees.
Later as we wait for the elevator to go back upstairs, I sense that she will not be real happy since I plan to leave pretty quickly after we get to her floor and dining room. She express her displeasure when I say I am leaving. I meniton why I am leaving, some other things I need to do and inquire what is wrong. She says: "I just lost the light" while raising her eyebrow.
NMW  says to another resident while we atre leaving her floor of the skilled nursing facility for an hour " we are going for pizza". Adhiratha wonders wher this idea comes from, as previously no mention of Pizza had been made and they were planning to go to Panarama cafe where Piza is not on menu.
But Pizza shows up unexpedly at Panaroma Carfe as special for the day.
Adhiratha questions NMW "how did you know we were going to have Pizza today? we never had Pizza here before.."
NMW: "because we haven't had Pizza in awhile"
-2009 Aug 31


George arives last week after being out of country not seeing NMW for almot a year and half. When Nana mom wanda first saw George from across the room, we asked who it was. NMW said: well, it is either George or some one wearing a mask that looks like him. ;-) We all laughed. Then later she said with a smile that she had no idea what she was going to say until she said it.

will Attach photo of George, Nanna-Mom-Wanda and Mark chatting and laughing together later on friday at mid day 17 Sep 2009