Adhiratha Seeking - outline

Draft Outline - Adhiratha's Stories:

(Early Seeking; University and community participation, Sri Chinmoy presence + example; Seeing results new starting points)

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Section I –Introduction and Prologue

to Adhiratha's early seeking stories (eventual link subset of some stories)

Section II – Early years and Primary School

  • part 1, growing up "normal". Aspiration sprout (see below *0):

early years in Queens, Freeport, Seaford; Grandparents School; holidays, Discipline, short cuts home, bikes and serving early mass, paper routs and sweet choices, Boy scouts, Baseball, Alberta Canada relatives, making money, Jack’s evening adventures, “bold mopsies – Sly Boots”, Hiding Puppies

Section III- Secondary School

  • High School Minor Seminary -bus rides to another town for a year and and half (*2)

Why become priest?, Thy will be done, School routine, Writing Punishment, Joyful students and group action, Clowning, Window hurts, Hospital, Trouble with Chant Books, life learning, Beginning languages, Leaving St. Pius. Postponing Religious Life decisions, Jack at boarding school and monastery, uncles’ cautionary tales

  • Local Public High School and working summer jobs (*3)

Class schedule, Basketball practice and bench warming, walking off the court, Stage, Drums, Humorous friends, Working at Jones Beach, Proms, Life guard test without sleep, green and white sports teams, Hungry for experience

Section IV - University

  • Heading to Dayton Ohio for University(*4)

College choices –why Dayton?, Mother letting go, summer fun, school shopping, roommates different approaches, Math humbling, computer science useful, Change to History and Humanities focus, expression of Grief ROTC Uniform,,

  • World Travel as Merchant Seaman - Visiting Temples (*5)
  • Exploring world religions (*6)
  • Intense learning: Christ as seeker + discovering Socrates "Know Thyself" (*7)
  • Moved by the Bhagavad Gita (*8)
  • University questioning - Experimental College - (*9)
  • Considered action and limits of leaders (*10) "increase awareness"

Section V – Expanding Community Horizons

  • Group Work - no teachers - only shared learners (*11) "expand the limits of the Possible"
  • Political leads to cultural, leads to spiritual search (*12) facing a draft -preparing for solitude
  • Limits of the self and sharing learning (*13)
  • Paying the bills with Construction work - Supporting the Free school (*15)
  • Searching for others who have gone before - Creating receptivity (*16)
  • Discover playing music and light combinations - Mahavishnu - Goal's Beyond photo (*17)
  • USA Travel - West and East Coast - bookstores and inspired groups of seekers (*18)

Section VI – Actively Seeking – Return to NY

Section VII – (was B) Getting to know Sri Chinmoy and friends

  • The Absolute - A life poem for daily contemplation - posted on family wall in 1973 (*B-11)
  • Using a picture ,developing a sacred space, sharing with friends (*B-2)
  • Restaurant and other work sharing experiences and selfless service (*B-3)
  • A birthday surprise. (*B-4)
  • Sports from a different perspective - Athletics :  run, cycle, Swim, (*B-5)
  • Daily Practice of meditation Related Activities (*B-6)
  • Watching with amazement - avoiding reverential awe (*B-7)
  • Advice on visiting friends in Ohio (*B-8)

These next Sections / Chapters are still  in progress


Section VIII (was C) - Inspired by Presence and example


  •         Working in the UN Community - Service - representational activities (*C-1)
  •         Un talks, question and answers, music (*C-2)
  •           Personal Advice and encouragement;  (*C-3)
  •           Aspiration Tree - site and potential community (*C4)
  •            Adhiratha -Divine Charioteer -Carrying Earth Aspiration to the Supreme (*C5)
  •             Public Meditation stregthen  appreciation of USA good qualities on 200th anniversary


Section IX (was D)  – Seeing results new starting points


             (*D1) Appreciation I get when I don't deserve it

             (*D2) World Harmony & Peace Run - Participation

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Section X (was E)- Miscellaneous  may be included above or use to supplement stories


First Draft Notes on  Section VIII – X

  • These next Secrions / chapters are still  in progress

Section VIII (was C - Inspired by Sri Chinmoy's Presence and example

(*C-1) Working in the UN Community - Service - special programs, staff representational activities

Working at UN for General Assembly

York College stock room


Staff and community Associations

Staff management Committees

Professionals associations and task forces

Meditation at the United Nations

I was lead to the path of the heart and a practice that encouraged working on receptivity and actually invoking more light into our inner beings and the world. But most of my working hours were spent for so many years in what might be called “karma Yoga”. My meditation practice allowed me to return again and again to the source of my inspiration when I would become too involved in the work (working late most evenings and on weekends for three decades in various UN agencies – mostly UNICEF). The involvement in athletics and some personal travel with like minded spirits for some each year also was a big part of my remaining more balanced and focused during crucial points in my journey.

In some ways I was trying to act on the experience I had gained from the early seventies when I saw so much to be done and opportunities but such limited capacity on my part to always  maintain the vision ( or even to know what would be the best thing to focus on). So I spent a lot of time doing “inner work” when I wasn’t doing outer work which I felt was at worst benign if not overly positive. It was a great blessing to find myself at UNICEF and feeling that my effort was going to a good cause. To have the meditation group there across the street regularly to sustain me was also a great benefit as well as the community in queens to take nourishment from. And I know there was much unexplained grace behind the scenes protecting me....

Most important was the living example as I witnessed my friend and teacher) someone with considerable more capacity “ walk the talk” with decision makers or children. It also helped that he seemed to have such faith in my sincerity and demonstrated acceptance and love even in the awareness of my full limitations. He  took the time to find creative ways to help me grow and make progress toward my personal goal of continual aspiration.


National and World Day of Prayer celebrations

-Other special Programms

National Archives Graduate Training

(*C-2) Un talks, question and answers, music

(*C-3)  Personal Advice and encouragement;

  • " if good people leave the UN , how will it become good?",
  • "why do you think I come here twice a week to meditate - because it is perfect?",
  • "do not give up" (paraphrase is only when you give up - get quote and reference;
  • "there is always hope, we live on hope"

(*C4) Aspiration Tree - site and potential community

(*C5) Adhiratha -Divine Charioteer -Carrying Earth Aspiration to the Supreme

  • One day in April of 1975 I went to Sri Chinmoy's house to do a task I usually performed the same time each week. (I think on a Wednesday). However when I arrived there were a number of additional people present and it was obvious something special was going on. I was informed that some people had just received a spiritual name from Sri Chinmoy that afternoon. It was obviously a very happy occasion.

----------------------Note: Below question explains spiritual names ------------------------

Question: Could you please explain why you give your followers spiritual names?

Sri Chinmoy: Everyone has all the divine qualities, but one quality is often pre-eminent. One divine quality is usually more manifest in a certain person than the other divine qualities, and the soul has a way of manifesting the highest Truth through that particular quality. One soul will manifest through light, another through beauty, a third through power, a fourth through compassion, a fifth through peace, a sixth through joy. Each Sanskrit name I offer has a spiritual significance, and each aspirant has the capacity to realise and manifest the Highest through a particular quality which his name reveals and embodies. If the soul wants to realise and manifest the Highest on earth, then if the aspirant knows that particular quality, it becomes infinitely easier. When the disciples have spiritual names and they meditate on their names, at that time their divine qualities come to the fore most powerfully and make them feel what they are here for and why they have come into the world. That is why we give these names. Excerpt from Flame Waves, Part 6 by Sri Chinmoy published by Agni Press in 1976.


  • at some point Sri Chinmoy came out of the main room and joined the group on the porch. Later when not too many people were present he questioned me about how long ago I had become his disciple. I think I said something like almost 2 years this April (which seemed to me a long time ago - since it had been a very full two years)
  • Many of Sri Chinmoy's students visit NY from different places around the world during April and August. There are big events. One day in August of 1975 after a morning event at Thomas Edison High School, we all left and planed to resume later that day. For some reason I started to think of Sri Chinmoy may be coming back early that afternoon and was concerned that no one would be there to greet him. So I decided to go back early too and just wait outside.  The car that drove him pulled up and I opened the door. When Sri Chinmoy got out he gave me a very big smile and said  - "good will definitely get your name."
  • By this time I knew not to focus on the receiving of the name. I just said let it happen when it is supposed to happen. I didn’t mention the conversation to anyone else. I had seen how the mind could puff things up and destroy any natural joy via expectation. So I just thought when it happens will be the right time. 
  • A number of days went by and from time to time I thought of it briefly for a moment and went on to other things. (can tell and earlier story about ego taking Joy). Then one evening I was riding to an event in Connecticut and two other people started to discuss someone going to get their name the next day. At one point one of the people said to me."Are you getting your name". I equivocated - but then later I shared my story of what Sri Chinmoy had said earlier  -because I didn't want to mislead the person. She then wanted to know if I had been invited to attend a function the next day. I said no and that I was not thinking about it. I was ok with the whole thing and whenever it would happen.
  • The next day at work around mid day I received a call from a friend who inquired if I would be able to get off of work and come back to queens. He then said "do you know what this is about?' I said I don't know but maybe I am getting my name. He confirmed it. So I hurried home and met with others outside, in the back of Sri Chinmoy's house.
  • I believe I was the last person to go in. Sri Chinmoy pronounced my name" Adhiratha" a few times and I think requested me to say it. Then he said the meaning was - "Divine Charioteer carrying earth aspiration to the Supreme. You will carry both divine and"
  • (Sri Chinmoy took a breath and in that split second my mind jumped in and said inwardly "un-devine" and I mumbled to myself -O God I knew it  I will be “caring Un-Devine” whatever that means)
  • Then Sri Chinmoy looked at me kindly and smiled and finished his sentence " You will carry both divine and human qualities.
  • A few minutes later Sri Chinmoy mentioned that in previous lifetime I was on the side of the Pandavas during the great battle of Kurukshetra mentioned in the Mahabharata. Some one mentioned that was also the side that Sri Chinmoy also been on during that lifetime. That made me pleased. I was afraid I would forget what had been said . So I wrote down the meaning right away just to be sure.
  • What warrior I actually was during that incarnation became an item of curiosity to some - but like the waiting for the name - I felt it was not too wise or useful to focus much on it. After all progress is made in the present and I obviously hadn't realized the highest truths yet. I felt it could just become another ego distraction, until I had more inner poise and how to deal with such things. This seemed a good choice when some years later someone asked Sri Chinmoy if it was true that I was in the time of the Mahabharata. He replied with something like "yes he was with the Pandavas - but (God knows?) Where has he been since then?". That quote has saved me many times when I have since been requested by others to confirm what they may have heard. It will usually ges a laugh and it keeps the perspective real.
  • Eventually I did find out years later who I had been - but that is another story. It has to do with Sri Chinmoy's responding to others questions, a visit to my house one year, later offering me hints, then my friend Nirvik unraveling the pieces and a Bengali friend translating a notation Sri Chinmoy had given me many years before.  If you can't wait for the full story, in the meantime you can look up Satyaki ( who was the cousin of Krishna and also the friend and disciple of Arjuna), his temper was famous as was his loyalty. Satyaki is even involved in precipitating a drunken brawl toward the end - which results in many deaths (some commentators say it was predestined)
  • After awhile, on some occasions when I would do something very good or a bit stupid Sri Chinmoy would say something to me (or send a message through a friend) about that past incarnation. It was usually only a few words and might be something like "Somebody was with somebody thousands of years ago". It would never cease to give me joy of recognition. Some indiscernible sweet feeling would ring in my inner being. It reminded me of a closeness that goes beyond time and of his longstanding and ongoing concern for my inner progress no matter what was going on outwardly. My success or failure was his. Inwardly he was out in front preparing the way to remove unnecessary obstacles trying to increase the speed of my understanding. At the same time he "had your Back" with encouragement and oneness-love to absorb some of the "slings and arrows" of fate.
  • Many have had this experience of his close involvement in their inner journey. The philosophy or goal was What?: " the acceptance of life". Why?: "for the transformation of life and the manifestation of God's light"; Where: "here on earth"; When: "At God's Choice hour"; How? " in God's own way". 4.
  • Our Philosophy - On 3 January 1998, while he was visiting Guatemala City, Sri Chinmoy was asked by the media to give a statement of his philosophy in one sentence. " Our philosophy is the acceptance of life for the transformation of life and also for the manifestation of God’s Light here on earth, at God’s choice Hour, in God’s own Way." Excerpt from A Peace-Collecting Pilgrim-Soul by Sri Chinmoy. (

Adhiratha Written by ckg (in pdf format),  with blessings with small bird drawing (in pdf), name & blessings (in tiff format)

  • A Mom's oneness love. A few nights after I received my name, my mother was coming by my house, possibly to go together with me to some event in Manhattan. (I think an Art Gallery). I needed to write a name tag for myself and since she had nice handwriting, she did it for me and became one of the first persons to write my name. Later that year when Christmas came, her gift to me was a big blue blanket with the name Adhiratha hand embroidered at the bottom.
  • Using the Name Adhiratha with older friends and refereeing to older times.
    Recently it came up as to how some older friends would address me if writing about the 1960's, and the time before I had my spiritual name. I suggested that if they want to use my name in an article they were currently writing, even if referring to a press piece from 1967 then i would still prefer Adhiratha Keefe or Adhiratha (kevin) Keefe as they had previously. I explained that now in rare cases when referred to as "kevin" it doesn't ring true to me, especially in the present. After 35 years of Adhiratha from family, friends and colleagues I don't get best inner response when called "kevin".
    - from the negative perspective Maybe it was because that in UN when I was doing community organizing about 10 years after I had been known to most as Adhiratha (and legally all was changed) some antagonists would call me "kevin" in a demeaning way to try to get my goat... form the Positive perspective. I want to be reminded of what I am trying to become. “Carrying earth aspiration” and I am grateful for the inspiration I have received.


Section IX (was D)  – Seeing results new starting points

 (*D1) Appreciation I get when I don't deserve it


The Long Island Seeker- story -

  • One of my friends, who lived in the town next to where I grew up on Long Island, requested that I lead some introduction to meditation classes at the local library. After a few sessions, one of the participants (JC) stood up at some point in the class and requested to make an announcement. We said fine (I had quick flash thought about an unusual experience, where one of the participants made a general comment at a course I gave in Canada - then my sister was present to defend me - but that is another story).
  • JC was big man and until that point had not said very much. He began to praise the organizers of the course in many different ways. How practical it was, how the question answer session were great, the music etc was really inspiring and that he couldn’t believe he was getting such a high quality presentation and introduction to practical approaches and had to give no money to attend.
  • After the LI class finished JC began for some time to also go to regular meditations in Queens. Then for a good period of time we did not see him. At one point he had mentioned that he might travel to India to visit spiritual groups but wasn't quite sure what he hoped to find. He even requested my advice, but since I had been to india only in 1967 on a merchant ship, I didn't know what to say and wasn't much help. I mentioned that at one time I too thought I would go again to India when I was so actively seeking. But then much to my surprise I found Sri Chinmoy in NY, and didn't feel the need to return to India to look for different groups or teachers.
  • JC meeting in India: Chinmoy went to India from time to time to visit his family. Once when he returned from India he told us this story: "When I first arrived in India, a bald-headed man came up to me near the Air India office in our hotel and said, "Sri Chinmoy? Sri Chinmoy?" I said, "Yes."  He said, "I can't believe it!" His eyes were swimming with tears. So soulfully he was shedding tears and embracing me. His soul knew who I am. He created a real scene in the hotel. So many people were watching!  He told me that he used to come to our meetings three years ago and then he stopped. He knows Adhiratha and he was telling me how Adhiratha stands next to my chair when he is guarding on stage on Wednesday nights. He also knows (others mentioned). ...He said he had come to India to visit some spiritual places, so I gave him the names of a few places to see. He said that he wants to start coming to our meetings in New York when he returns. He is a construction worker from Long island.   —27 February 1986   Excerpt from The World-Experience-Tree-Climber, Part 5 by Sri Chinmoy. ttp://
  • Later when JC returned from India, he once again began coming to Sri Chinmoy's mediation meetings in NY. He had not been able to visit the sites in India that had been suggested by Sri Chinmoy (I think places associated with Ramakrishna, Ramana Maharshi and Aurobindo). But he said all the other places he saw were all wonderful for him. The trip had a complete turn of good fortune from the time he met Sri Chinmoy unexpectedly in the Hotel. Until that time he had felt totally lost. 
  • JC was also very inspired by the fact that some of Sri Chinmoy's students were trying to swim the English Channel. Once after I had fractured my hip, I was going to Lake Ronkonkoma in the morning to train. He heard I was going to water’s edge and then go out in water on crutches until I was deep enough to lay down. Then I would throw the crutches towards land and away from the water’s edge. From there I would paddle and slide to deeper water and off I would go into the Lake (but not too far out). I would use a pull buoy between my legs  ( because I couldn't use my legs to kick at first. The pull buoy keep the legs up and allowed me to get tremendous exercise with the arms. On one of the first mornings when i was coming into shore because I was ready to get out of the water,  I realized someone was holding my crutches out to me so I didn't have to reach so far. It was JC with a big smile. He said something to effect that he thought if I was coming to swim after being injured the least he could do was hold the crutches.
  • JC also began to help some of the other swimmers and even went over to Dover at his own expense to encourage and assist with the Training. He also became a crew member in one of the boats that escorted and observed the swimmers attempts. Later he also assisted with some philanthropy in various countries including India and cooperated with Sri Chinmoy on some of these efforts.

Traveling with friends – Reading on the road

Countries and regions :

inouth and central America - ,Trinadad and Tobago, Antigua, Bermuda, Puerto Rico,

Europe and N.Africa, Spain, Morocco, Egypt

Asia Japan, Okinawa, Thailand, Malaysia

Vietnam and the Mekong Delta

Australia – New Zealand


Russia may 2005 St Petersburg  & Moscow

China Dec 2004 – Feb 2005


Languages again Russian serious, Chinese dabble


Aug 1995 to 2000 a spiritual path sabbatical

Cambodia Thomas Jefferson Bios and Travels

Readings on the Raoad:

  • John and Robert Kennedy
  • Saviti by Sri Aurobindo

 *D2 -  World Harmony Run - recent participation

  •  Canada 2008 – I participated in Alberta and British Columbia

for full story and pictures see

for WHR Photo Canada of Adhiratha click: with torch; running; run-with-torch

  • Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh 2009
  • Ireland - 2009
  • California USA - 2009 - excerpt from 15 May  2009 at:
  • Reflections from a team member Adhiratha Keefe - "Through the World Harmony Run I was seeing the highways and the small lanes, the shoreline, the countryside and towns in full detail. To travel with the Run means running the actual roads, going up ahead with the support vehicles, buying supplies and attending events in local communities. Chatting with many local people including shopkeepers, civil servants, government officials, as well as teachers and students along the way in schools or clubs. It is an amazing way to witness many different individuals aspiration for a more harmonious world.
  • "The experience is both interactive and contemplative. Participating with a team also enhances observations by having many of the other runners sharing their perceptions. Artistic or media sensitive people spontaneously point out interesting and unique landscapes or people compositions.
  • "We are constantly being asked questions about the run by people of all ages. This returns the conversation to the purpose of the run: creating opportunities for expressions of harmony, sharing, peace and community building among and between different populations. The energy and the goodwill received from so many people along the way is rich and rewarding."

In case someone wants to know what I am doing now or if you need background or a picture here is in attached word doc that some have excerpted when I have gone to other locations and they needed some added info or context.

Section X (was E)- Miscellaneous  may be included above or use to supplement other stories

Sweeten the words – Focus on the dream becoming reality, In spirit of continued awakening - Years later,  I cautioned a friend from UD days in approaches to former advisories against unnecessary foul language so as not to distract from the main message. This friend (who still liked to spice up the text), in an effort to find accommodation compared himself to Lenny Bruce and myself  to MLK. In the spirit of our many year friendship which transcended writing styles,  I sent him something from UNICEF Staff News of the day in 1990 I was inspired to gave a speech in packed UN General Assembly Hall during discussion of staff issues. And said maybe I was feeling MLK "Dream" extension for I ended with " Let us begin here! Let us begin with the staff ..... Let Us prepare for the future. The world expects it of us. The DREAM must progress and become the REALITY"

Contribution to change came from many: In University community, It always felt most comfortable and accurate to keep awareness of “behind the scenes people” that made things happen. It was so moving to be a part of a learning and progress process because so many gave in different ways to sustain it and educate each other. It was good when unsung ones read something that showed their contribution was appreciated.

One who leads as a bridge for others: I also sent a link to what I wrote about one of our early colleagues and student leader-friend: Paul Peters for CNi site after I learned he passed on. Paul was much appreciative of those who offered their contributions, perseverance and spirit.  I believe it was his quiet but very wise and detailed advice to the Student Body Pres at the time Chris K (Paul was the ex vp) and to the University Administrators and faculty in many cases that helped the less articulate (but very passionate) students be more readily understood and items move forward. .

Notes on changes from 1968-1970 Obtain copies: UD official Sources – scan pages

Some pages from the official UD year book from 1969 and 1970  covered some serious Alternatives from those days and confirm that more than parties and dances did happen.. at least two pictures early might be good to illustrate those days .- maybe one of the big ones with many marchers shown (that way more who receive will remember they or friends participation on the day) and makes point that many contributed to process of change. -. The 322 keifaber. House shot Would be good companion. But i would refer to "one of main" houses or centers of activity also to show understanding that many participated in various ways. And yet many will recognize those from 322 house as classmates etc. And it fits into the regular UD "porch" theme ( and at other universities at time . I know some others who really felt their house was special too...  

Changes take root – Exposure to alternatives: The changes that started to happen and be more noticeable in 1968-1969 had an even bigger following in 1970 and 1971 graduating class. By 1970  for all incoming students the “new Student introduction” had replaced the traditional “beanie orientation”. Many more students in the first days had exposure to some of the alternative approaches to peace and what was going on in the wider world, how to be more aware and function better in groups. Living and learning…In spirit of continued awakening

All Night writers and Center:  At first if an inquisitive or dedicated student seeker or activist was wondering around at night it was hard to find a place to discuss or write. So some who had access all hours to the student union because of their elected position in the student representational system found a creative way to help.  Others  looking for place to write etc, who had trouble getting in after hours just indicated their difficulty. A special ad-hoc note-pass was created that gave the named bearer  permission to enter  24 X 7 the SG offices. (we were learning to work the system)  :-)  This was in the year before the students established the “all night center” – but that is another story – that involves another  NY to Dayton – back to NY –to the UN friend.  

Evolving Positions – In time – Capacity to grow  -Recently when friends were thinking back on the various  positions they took on certain issues at the University 30 or 40 years ago , They noted how they had evolved during the years they were in attendance. So it seemed sensible to be open to the possibility that others had also move beyond original dearly held positions to incorporate their later experience or understanding. This was in keeping with our then stated belief in process of continued learning,  It seemed sensible to note in intro para that many had their own expansion of awareness as they considered alternatives. They were later able to reflect on their own life experience and how  their ideas and way of being in the world evolved. -(can use example of student  Bill M Story) 

1960s-u-dayton-statement-of-purpose-excerpt.jpgUniversity's 'statement of purpose from the time which we found meaningful:' "Above all, the University strives to inspire persons with a sense of community and to encourage men and women of vision who can and will participate effectively in the quest for a more perfect human society". They used that in the piece they put in the UD Dimensions article in Feb 1986 after I swam the English Channel. (see attached. See link )

  Many more can be reached when an intervention is sensed to be motivated by the love of truth and also has  a light compassionate touch..A sincere invite to continue on the journey at end would seem appropriate.   A participant noted  that once the reader’s attention is gained, there was no need to add something that might be culturally offensive (especially if off topic) at the end . I felt he should want to leave them with an expanded feeling of identification.... so end with encouragement to identify with their own deepest part and capacity. After spending many pages and photos to help the reader identify with a new perspective it is counterproductive to  add a shock message at that time. It can onfuse and dilute the main points. Many have seen again how  cultural wars of recent times \ were used to confuse people concerning their long term common interests and of humanity. God knows i have sacrificed clarity for sake of a good laugh.  or went too far, because i was saying what i wanted to say rather than being concerned about what  the audience could a  specific time or place.. as others have pointed out to me over the years - (most notably Paul Peters whose wisdom I miss) Tired, Angry and Hungry – Can make for bad or regrettable decisions 8. I grow more aware now how so many good people still have bad days because they are tired, angry or hungry when they make pressured decisions...(. Talking to Students – Not shooting II also encouraged a  mention that sincere professors and administrators  did expose themselves to criticism in their own communities when they supported principled but unpopular courses of action or decisions that were in the best interests of the community.  For example I was always great full that the community at UD after internal debate agreed to go together to discuss for weekend after a sit-n and hunger strike. Especially when not many miles away in Ohio, the next year (1970, May 04 – Kent State) instead of talking, the police were called in and students shot. (That puts the seriousness of the situation a little more in context) Selfless contributors to Community Progress 9. And this can also mention the often selfless people (again like PEP) who were consistent, behind the scenes advocates for the right and progressive decisions to be made. should also note  many tireless workers behind campaigns and publications who just wanted to do what ever was needed doing all nighters, editing and raising money with bake sales or organizing door to door and registering people for the experimental college etc.  Where did people go forward – following dreams and person develpment I felt it would be good to include at least in the end of any discussion or printed piece some indications of possible future alternatives. For example maybe some of the participants with diverse background may have quotes or stories of methods or "skillful means" to help light to enter minds or hearts. They may share stories of ways to expand our awareness to include others and their wisdom experiences in the pursuit of peace. Moments in Time – Time passes by For a few moments in time, we were all of the UN Community together to do our bit. or as K. vonagut? said: "Nice, Niece very nice, so many people in the very same device" Now for most of us who actively participated in the process of change during the 1960s and 70s, 2/3 of our life may be over (this time?). And all have watched our family and friends pass on...We have more in common with all our former  adversaries than we sometimes remember. World Religions Class – Gratitude for Encouragement... I  was so grateful that  others encouraged me to take the world religions class. Seeing the  Bhagavad Gita (chapter of mahabarata) and come across the idea that the goal of life was to be an instrument of the highest good. Once you had made that commitment of attention - the action was  yours - the results were not. Those doing the work – make decisions-take responsibility For any event and  time frame, those  doing the work and taking responsibility have the responsibility to make the decision on what is best to put in etc. They must decide how to approach this opportunity and which of the arrows you send out from your quiver to the surrounding hearts within your range. Have learned that you can never tell by outer looks, age  or circumstances when (sid :hartha - the cat - priceless photo) begins process of becoming the Buddha or what might spark that process., or who will be an effective instrument. When i am in my best moments i truly believe that when someone's heart is deeply touched - eventually the mind will follow..  


* Searching for others who have gone before -Creating receptivity

1.   Carrying on and watching the world

Honored by Local Queens - Jamaica Hill Community Association

2.   The next Steps

Dealing with a sloooowed down body. How to maximize strengths – minimize weakness

Hmm  n0 retirement  –

  • How to maximize the effectiveness of intervention when you might not be there to follow through on what you start.
  • Change is better than a rest.
  • CKG quote on retirement


Adhiratha bio blurbs: To honour the fortieth anniversary of the United Nations in 1985, Adhiratha Keefe became the first staff member of the UN to swim across the English Channel. The following year to draw attention to the UN’s  International Year of Peace, he swam with 2 other UN Staff in 30 locations around the world including Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  Adhiratha first traveled as a merchant seaman on a ship around the world during his university days. His personal and professional interests continued this exposure to many cultures and countries. A member of the international civil service for over three decades, Adhiratha has worked for the United Nations Secretariat, the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the UN Population Fund (UNFPA). Now, when not doing consulting work for UN organizations he is a volunteer running participant and sometimes “Ambassador at Large” for the World Harmony Run. This global torch relay seeks to promote international friendship and understanding. Every 2 years, as a symbol of harmony, runners carry a flaming torch, passing it from hand to hand (and heart to heart) and travelling through over 100 nations around the globe. In countless schools and community centers students get to meet the international runners and local participants, hold the torch and express their own hopes and dreams for a more harmonious world through art, music and athletics.


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and for what I am doing now when not consulting for un orgs. can see: World harmony Run and daily reports south africa: Ireland:   California:


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Reference to 1970. May 04. The Kent State shootings, city of Kent, Ohio, and involved the shooting of unarmed college students by members of the Ohio National Guard on Monday, May 4, 1970, killing four students and wounding nine others, one of whom suffered permanent paralysis.[5]


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