Section I - Introduction and Prologue

Notes on  Section I –Introduction and Prologue

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  • A.    Introduction – Motivation and Inspiration
  • B.    Prologue - Adhiratha's Parents history and photographs - Parallel Lives


A. Introduction: Motivation and Inspiration

I have received much motivation, inspiration and encouragement from members of the different communities I have been fortunate to experience. Some have encouraged me to write some of the stories. But other than a few instances which I did commit to paper and share there never seemed to be enough time compared to more urgent priorities.

  • In May of 2005 I again thought about writing of growing up on Long Island when our HS Graduation Class of 1965 was planning a reunion. I began an outline.
  • Then for the 2009 University of Dayton reunion I began to think about this project again. The Alumni were gathering Bios from that class. Some of those who had been active with social change during those years also began to discuss how “alternatives” approaches from that time might also be collected and reflected in current programes.
  • My family is always interested in stories and I had collected quite a bit from my parents previously (mentioned below in prologue).
  • I have belonged to the Sri Chinmoy Center community of over 30 years. There is an interest in members personal stories and experiences.
  • In addition I worked in the United Nations Community for over three decades and
  • I have been part of a number of efforts linked to different sporting and athletic or other events. 

All have stories. But how much is useful to share when with people from different communities that you have not seen for many years? Who wants to bother people with so much or your own detail? Especially when it is just nice to bask in the inner connection that feels refreshed from being in their presence. Remembering previous times when our hearts were open to each other and we all shared common experiences makes for renewing the oneness bond. It is good to feel again how we are similar in many of our common aspirations.

But then there are those who express a sincere interest to know some of the other details that they were not outwardly a part of. In these cases it seems helpful and important to try to fill in some of where you have been and sometimes why..

Two notes to my Seaford NY friends and my Dayton, Ohio colleagues

Seaford :  I enjoyed reading the bios and cv’s of many classmates circulated in advance of the May SHS reunions (2005 and now again in 2010). It is interesting to note: the unexpected connections between us;. those who had moved to different parts of the country and why; the political commitment and involvement with inspiring people or initiatives; families and the children’s children. They are stories of lives lived and death faced. I wonder how much detail to provide. My story is the same and different. By 20 I had literally traveled around the world. During and after the University years in Dayton Ohio I thought we were moving towards living in self-sustaining small communities. However, in a short time I found myself in NY working in a very big organization. My base has been  NY for over 30 years and yet most of my waking hours have been with nationals of other countries. Personally I have focused on transcending the physical and intellectual limits and yet the spiritual is what sustains me. “Carrying Earth Aspiration to the Supreme?”. The experience is still a mystery to me….So this is a snap shop of a life -  more detail on request ;-) some is at which began as part of a graduate project in late 1990s..

Dayton, Ohio I received an email reminder from one of the Dayton folks, who now lives further west, of a Sufi Quote. "Death is a Tax the soul has to pay for having had a name and a form".  It is a realization that is somewhat comforting or illumining as we all face the conditions of our existence - but it is still a shock on so many levels when someone has shared this time and space with us passes away (my one sister calls it "transitions"). I have tried to sincerely follow the path that I (and quite a few others) first began to explore in Dayton upon realizing that there was limited time to figure out this puzzle before one had to go back to “go” as they say*. And it was useful to try to practice in our own relations what we believed would be true for a better world. The good faith decision to give it my best effort has led me on adventures and experiences way beyond my imagination back then...

*Note: much after I wrote the above I came across the recent posts of end of life realizations:

Spanning communities:Individuals from different communities have expressed interest in my motivations for going from NY to Ohio, around the world, back to ny etc. Some think it may be useful to other people who are on their own seeking paths and journeys. So, I am beginning with:

Communicating with e-mail and electronic networks: I have used email for many years, especially for work related projects and scheduling with friends etc. However, I am less comfortable with email or the "social networking sites" when the topic is a bit deeper or when I tentatively explore with words what I may have only recently (or previously) experienced inwardly. So sometimes I just have a phone chat with a friend who inquires. Occasionally I still send friends by snail mail a bit more detail of what I have been doing that is not on the web! (at least not yet) .

Oh what and how much to tell: When I send something in paper format, I know what is sent (at least at the moment I mail it) but a certain decision (and possibly presumption) has to take place that the person receiving might have an interest in receiving that level of detail...

Posting to a secure community site:I am getting better at posting things to a secured site like this one (mentioned above) once my ideas are a bit settled in my own being.  Then friends who I send a link (or others who just discover it) can read as much as they want and they can skip over what not of interest. And if it is posted they can assume that questions on those topics are usually within bounds of where a conversation might lead..Sending a link with a short message summary can seem much simpler...

I am not very regular in standard communication but once I start on something I can rattle on. So hopefully this will allow a good balance: more who are interested to know some details and me to feel comfortable that I have made a good faith effort to communicate in a useful way without overwhelming or being overwhelmed.

With gratitude and continued love of aspiration, transformation and oneness - - adhiratha

B - Prologue reference:

For part of Adhiratha's Parents history and photographs - see -

image002-jack-and wanda-keefe.jpg


Wanda nad jack Keefe 1980's & 1990's

Parallel Lives : Jack and Wanda, Wanda and Jack - [Subtitled: A Davis-Keefe, Canadian-American Experience] - paper submitted as part of an Oral History Project which fulfills a requirement for the Master of Arts [MALS] By Adhiratha Kevin Keefe - 2001 City University of New York CUNY - Queens College  . See also: